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The Mainstreet Cruisers is an Edmonton area not-for-profit car club established in 1993 to provide place for people with an enthusiasm for the car hobby to get together in an informal atmosphere.  Our members come from all walks of life and own all sorts of vehicles from 1915 up to and including the newest modern muscle vehicles.  They drive classics, customs, hot rods, rat rods, sports cars, trucks, and motorcycles. 

Owning a vehicle is not a requirement for becoming a member.  All you need is a keen interest in the automotive hobby and that alone will make you more than welcome.

During the cruising season we get together on Wednesday nights at Wendy’s at Mainstreet Mall, 66th St. & 28th  Avenue in Edmonton, AB.  Thursday evenings we meet at Blackjack’s Roadhouse, 2110 Sparrow Drive in Nisku.  We also get together Fridays for cruise-ins at White Oaks A&W on 137th Avenue and 122nd St. from 6:00 PM on, and on the south side at the A&W on Gateway Boulevard and 51st Avenue.  Afterwards, some members cruise the city while others head out for coffee at Tim Horton’s on St. Albert Trail and 134th  Ave. 

During the summer we attend car shows throughout Western Canada, often travelling as a group.  In the winter months we do shop tours and Sunday brunches, meet at area coffee shops on Fridays,  and have a Christmas party, usually in late November.  

We meet once a month to determine how we can best serve the automotive community and our area charities.  Our charity car show is held on the second weekend of July at Mill Woods Town Centre, 23rd Avenue and 66th Street, in support of Little Warriors and the E4C School Lunch Program.

Membership is renewed each June.  Dues are $15.00 for a single membership,  with one vote for  club issues, or $20.00 for a family membership, with two votes on club issues.

If you would like to join a club with friendly, like-minded individuals with no pressures attached, think  about coming down and visiting with the Mainstreet Cruisers.
Main Street Cruisers hotrod
PRESIDENTKen Dalton780.490.9044EMAIL
TREASURERKen MacLennan780.463.1577EMAIL
SECRETARYPat Williams780.435.1429EMAIL
MEMBERSHIPMarilyn Schultze780.487.2928EMAIL
NEWSLETTERRandy Jethon780.975.3003EMAIL
SPONSORSHIPSRandy Jethon780.975.3003EMAIL
EVENTSDave Wright780.289.1775EMAIL
MERCHANDISE (N)Betty Jethon780.459.0971EMAIL
MERCHANDISE (S)Ken MacLennan780.463.1477EMAIL
CAR SHOWKen MacLennan
Randy Jethon
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